Monday, October 17, 2011

Dress Like a Girl {Rock Fall Challenge} - Scarves

I love scarves.

No I really love scarves.

I start wearing them as soon as it feels a little brisk and will wear them until it’s in the 80’s. I mean I even have one that goes with my game day outfits for baseball:
I. Love. Scarves. Scarves are one of my two go to looks for fall (the other is up next week). They are so versatile and there are so many different kinds!

However I have a new favorite and I am using it to Rock my Fall wardrobe just about every day:
That's a lace scarf from A Soft Landing, check out the detail:

I love it. I love the color the detail it’s perfect. Well, it’s a little shorter than I am used to. I have been wearing really long scarves for awhile now so I am learning new ways to wear it. That doesn't take away from the love though I mean check it out, it even matches my favorite fall hat (totally unplanned).

It is seriously the nicest scarf I own and as you can see I own a lot:

Would you like to Rock Fall with A Soft Landing? Lucky for you she is giving one reader a $30 store credit!

Mandatory entry:
Visit A Soft Landing and let me what you would get

Bonus entry:
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- Tweet (once): I’m rocking fall with @pbinmyhair and A Soft Landing #etsy #giveaway

Disclosure: A Soft Landing is a sponsor of Peanut Butter in my Hair and Bigger Picture Blogs, I purchased the scarf with my own funds and all opinions are my own. Giveaway is provided by A Soft Landing open to us residents 18 and older and no purchase is necessary.Giveaway will close at 10pm CT 31 October 2011 


deila taylor said...

Well, it is still too warm here in Calif to get my scarf out, but I do appreciate them as it cools down. In So. Cal it never got cool enough!

Loralie T. said...

Hard to pick but I would love either the peacock green scarf, the cowl in spap pea or the button cap. All cute!

Lenae said...

Seriously, I could shout from the rooftops how much I love A Soft Landing... just got a set of her hand warmers and I adore them :) Next on my wishlist from her shop would definitely be the Button Cap!

On another note, I love that you do this challenge and highlight things about "dressing like a girl" that I haven't thought of. I think of the bigger concepts: dresses, heels, earrings. It's never occurred to me that scarves can add such a subtle, feminine touch to an outfit. You're awesome, Melissa!

Anonymous said...

I really admire her mermaid necklaces...that gray and purple one? Those are the layered muted kinds of colors I love to rock for fall!

Betsy said...

I love everything in that store, and I think I may need to own those elegant warmers - one way or another!

Kristi said...

I love, LOVE the lace scarf...but would need it in a different color! I'm jealous of the brown, now that I have seen yours!!

Great idea and giveaway!! See you at Relevant soon!

Janice said...

TOO hard, but I love the peacock scarf, the taupe funky cowl- and that purple mermaid necklace is awesome... oh, only pick one you said????

Rebekah from Simply Rebekah said...

I would get one of the cowls. I've never had a scarf that style. It would be fun to try.

Unknown said...

I like the seafoam cowl!

Stacy @ A Delightful Home said...

I can't decide what I would get. It's all so cute. I love the purple market tote, but also really like the button cap and the seafoam cowl.

I also really want to get one of the custom made shrugs like Hyacynth has. It's beautiful.

I guess I like it all :)

Corinne does such lovely work!

Lindsey V said...

I would get the colorful cozy many possibilities!

Lindsey V said...

Tweet! Tweet!!/lindseyfoj/status/131052075625873408