Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Every Mom Deserves a Strong Start

postpartum depression awareness


It's a dark word that many people don't want to say out loud.

Post Partum Depression?

It's a scarlet letter that even fewer people want to say out loud. Mother's aren't supposed to be sad, angry, scared, resentful of this little miracle that they have been blessed with. Mother's aren't supposed to feel trapped and alone. No wants to wear these labels because that makes them a bad mother, an unworthy mother.

All of these things are FALSE but those stereotypes and fears ring louder than the truth. Especially in the overtired brain awash in hormones of a new mother.

How do I know?

Because I was that mother, I am that mother.

I was that mom who had horrible intrusive thoughts and fears and didn't tell anyone. I thought for sure I would loose my son if I did. I suffered in silence until I couldn't hide it anymore. Until I read another woman's story and realized that I wasn't unworthy I was broken and I could be fixed.

I'm the lucky one though because only 15% of women who suffer get treatment. The rest, they suffer in silence.

Today is the most popular birthday, in honor of the Postpartum Progress is trying to raise funds to help these women and give them a Strong Start:
... more than half a million mothers with untreated postpartum depression each year, as well as several hundred thousand more still suffering from illnesses that were never treated the previous years, and at least one million children whose future health is unquestionably at stake.  And that’s just in America.
I understand that times are tough and that your charity dollars may already be directed to causes close to your heart. If you can't spare fund there are other ways you can help

Help for Depression is also raising this money this month and you can help simply by liking their Facebook pageFor every new ‘like’ on our page, we’ll donate $1 to the leading depression non-profit, To Write Love On Her Arms. All it takes is one click to get someone the help that they need

You can also stop the stigma. When you see that scared and frazzled mom offer her a hug, a hand to help, not advice. You can share your stories, even if you didn't suffer you probably had hard days. I truly believe that the reason so many of us suffer from this is because of this idea that women and mothers must be perfect. That we don't have hard days where the cat pukes, the kids are screaming, the dishes are piled and you haven't showered in days. You can share those stories because we are all in this journey of Motherhood together and we need to support each other.

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