Saturday, October 15, 2011

Five Stars

I'm a link hoarder. I don't know why. I mean I guess somewhere in the dusty convoluted recesses of my brain I imagine that one day soon I will have time (and energy). I imagine that I will go back and leave thoughtful well written comments.

It's okay I can wait while you finish laughing.


Okay, so I am once again going to try to link up with Saturday Stumbles. My goal, share five things I have starred this week...

Jen doesn't post much anymore, and she should her writing is so beautiful and usually makes me gasp. Heaven Stands.

Like Michelle I too feel guilty for not doing more. "The fact that he could be so fired up and so screwed up at the same time. Because I feel like that a lot. And maybe that is why I like going to the homeless park instead of working the church nursery."  Clean Sheets and the Nursery.

Sarah had her baby, and it makes me want another, now, especially if I could guarantee a cute cuddly little buy!  We're Alive 

Lenae has a beautiful way of writing about the intercession of Motherhood and Faith "She is indeed both stronger and gentler, and I marvel at this: the way our Lord shapes us and carves something beautiful from our submission, our acceptance of the sweet-and-sour mission of motherhood, our loosening of clenched fists into open, upturned palms." He is at Work

Brook is from somewhere like where I went to college. So different from where I grew up and yet where I probably did the most growing. Where I'm From

Comments Closed. Please go leave the thoughtful well written comments I wish I could.