Monday, October 10, 2011

When You're a bad Tweeter

Dead Twitter Bird

Oh friends I have been a bad tweeter lately, and I miss it. But life, man life has gotten so busy. The baby is moving, or trying to move so much and she cannot bee left alone for even a second. She is going to be a trouble maker that one, she is so curious and mischievous...we have fun times ahead that is for sure.

Oh and the big kids, apparently having two in school full times is not less work it's more work for mom! Two lunches! Two sets of projects, homework, test and singing schedules! I need to get way more organized. Throw in there all the fun and exciting things BPB is doing this October and phew...I hardly know if I am coming or going.

So I have been terrible at commenting and really bad about tweeting out some of mine as well as others posts. So let's consider this the worlds longest tweet (it I remember to tweet it!)

If you have a babe in diapers, especially a mover be sure to check out my review and giveaway on my local blog for a pack of Huggies Little Movers Slip-ons and a $25 gift card to Albertson's.

Did you know that Kraft sells a healthier mac and cheese in Europe than they do in America? Does that make you go hmmm? Than be sure to head over to Hyacynth's and read about the UnHealthy Truth and enter for a chance to win a Stonyfield prize pack.

Are you ready to Rock Fall? Kim and I announced the October Dress Like a girl challenge and it's a fun one, rock fall! Whatever that means to you! Boots! Scarves! Hats! Anything goes. All the details can be found on the new Dress Like a Girl Page .

Need inspiration this week, make sure to read this weeks Bigger Picture Moments, as always they are filled with the inspiration and beauty of everyday moments (or in my case 10 years of moments).

Book Club is back, so if you are reading along with us be sure to check it out!

Here's to starting the week off on the right foot!

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