Friday, November 18, 2011

Grow {Five Minute Friday}

His jaw is starting to take the chiseled shape of man.
No longer the chubby roundness of child it’s cut and edged.
His cheekbones are following the same sharp lines.
The softness of child is being stretched and pushed out of the way for the rough edges of man.

The bony knees poke out from under the fluttering folds of a tutu.
Pushing out the chubbiness that once surrounded them.
In the blink of the eye her legs went from the chubby stumps of a toddler into the long lean legs of a girl.
Pushing, stretching pulling her up and into the body of the women she will become.

She is still all round.
Folds and rolls.
Rings around her wrists and cheeks you can’t help but kiss.
But as she pulls herself up and bounces with glee you can see it.

Like the man-ness shows in his cheekbones
And girlhood looms in her knees.
I can see the growing in the stretching of dimpled thighs.

And since I can’t slow it down.
Can’t stop it for even one minute.
My heart stretches and grows, and with it I grow.

From women to mother,
with a heart that will infinitely stretch and grow
and see growth in the blink of an eye or a dimpled thigh.

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