Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful for Snot {Bigger Picture Moments}

I hold her tightly as she arches her back pushing out of my arms. Pushing with all the force her little body has. I pull her closer and whisper words of thanks.

 I am thankful for this fighting, for it means she has a strong body.

She wails and screams. My ears are ringing from the noise. My head pounding, it’s so late, I’m so tired. Shhh. Shhh. Shhhh. I shush in her ear as I send up words of thanks for her screams.

I am thankful for the screams, for it means she is breathing.

I pick up her warm just woken body up from the bed, she stretches into my arms and the smell of a wet diaper slaps me in the nose. I breath a sigh of thankfulness.

I am thankful for a wet diaper, for it means she is becoming more hydrated.

It's not easy having a sick baby, especially with older kids. I'm physically and mentally exhausted from being up for hours at night, from the worry of what it "could be". The big kids suffer with a snappy mom short on patience. As I feel the anger climbing up my neck as she screams out again instead of nursing I start going through the thoughts listed above. A dear friend likes to remind me that you can't be scared, fearful, angry while also being thankful.

So I offer up thanks for my sick baby. Thanks that I get to take care of her. Thanks that I can nurse her back to health. thanks that she is here. Thanks that I can do something to help her. I know it's not always the case. I couldn't help him, I couldn't make him better.

So I suck the snot and I wipe the tears. I rub the Vick's on her feet and I hold her to my chest as she struggles to breathe and I say thank you. Thank you for giving me this gift, this blessing of child to cuddle and care for, a child who will get better.

Thank you.

What are you thankful for this week?

Reflect on the blessings that were apparent to you this week


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Stephanie said...

Oh, this is so beautiful. I love how you took something that was hard and easy to complain about and found reasons to be thankful. Thankfulness in the simple moments of life - this is what a life of thankfulness is all about - and what He wants of us. Love this!

Barbara said...

Such a beautiful post!

~michelle pendergrass said...


Lindsey V said...

Oh, what a challenge to be thankful in those hard, trying, sleep-deprived moments! I love that you used THIS as your Bigger Picture Moment. It really helps me to view life, situations, overwhelming moments differently!

Jamie said...

What a beautiful reminder of all that we have to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing!

Jamie Q

Ginny Marie said...

Such sweet cheeks! It is hard to be thankful with a crying, hard-to-console baby. I don't think I ever thought of it that way...what a great perspective you bring to motherhood!

Hyacynth said...

Oh. My heart. It knows this week. It knows, it hears what you are saying. There is much for which to be thankful even, scratch that, especially in the midst of fears and what ifs. <3

May said...

When you have a sick baby you really do come to realize that it is not your own strength you must rely on. Hope she well soon.

Alita said...

Poor sweet darling babe. I hope she feels better, stat.

Also, it is so very important to give thanks for every moment that we get to spend taking care of them even if it is taxing and tiring. Their life is such a blessing.

Great post Mel.