Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Moment {Just Write}

Never has there been a more peaceful battle ground.

Layered in blankets of warmth from down and cotton. Bundled in fleece and minky.

She pulls, she whines, grunts and moans. Thrashing from side to side, arms waving at an imaginary spot in the sky.




You pull her in, spreading the warmth from your body to hers. Your body becoming part of the cocoon of softness that wraps around her in an attempt to lull, calm, soothe.

The eyes flutter closed. The breathing slows.

You shift.


NOT Yet!

Whine, and whimper.

Bunkered back down you close your eyes and breathe in the moment. The smallness that will be gone tomorrow. Deep breaths.

Breaths become rhythmic, than they become slow.

One last peek and you see her eyes finally close, impossibly long eyelashes brushing dimpled cheeks. Her head finally falling to the side in the heaviness of sleep.

The gentlest battle won with the nod of a head and  tiptoeing away


Amber Page Writes said...

So gorgeous. Those moments are so frustrating, but you're right, they pass too quickly.

Stephanie said...

So precious! Love that you captured this moment in such beautiful words!