Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Open Doors

Piles, stuff, mess disorder. It crowds and clutters and gets in the way.

Outside we see the people the friends mingling and sharing. We peek out and around the barely open door, only a sliver of light visible. The smallest glimpse of what is behind the door. As quickly as that glimpse is made the door is shut and the light is gone.

Closed doors to hide messes, to hide piles. Watching from the windows the mingling and laughing, everyone enjoying the company of one another. I make a different choice.

I swing open the door, open doors open hearts I tell myself. I apologize for the mess, I distract with food and fun, warmth and drinks. We converse, we eat, we celebrate.

I would rather open the doors to the mess and my heart then continue to stand in the piles alone behind the closed doors.


Jen said...

This is so true...thanks for the reminder...I want to do the same...i often tell my big kids (tweens and teens) that they cannot have a friend over because the house is a mess...no more will I say that.


Kori said...

oh, well said!

Hyacynth said...

Goosebumps. Yes. And yes. I, too, am glad to open those doors ... and glad to walk through the ones that are opened.

Lindsey V said...

Hmmmm....I love this.
Visually the whole moment.
Feeling the whole heart of it.