Friday, November 4, 2011


Do you remember the dreams of your youth?

The places you knew for sure you would go. Who you would be.

I laugh at the naivety of my own dreams and thoughts, the things I was so sure of. So sure would happen and wouldn’t. I look at my life know looking through the memory of those dreams and I laugh, this is not the life I imagined.

What will they remember?

What will they hold deep in their heart of this fleeting time called youth?

Will they remember being in a house that was filled with love and fun or will they remember that time I yelled? Will they remember the tickle parties and the dreams of being a princess animal rescuer or will they remember not getting to do that one thing that one time?

Will the remember that first house, the first steps the first days or will they only remember the last ones? The last time we were a family of four, the last time we went here or did that.

I hope that they will remember their dreams and their hopes but mostly I hope they will remember the love.

Mine, theirs, and HIS.


~michelle pendergrass said...

I often wonder those very things. I kind of paralyze myself sometimes trying to be perfect. sigh.

Lenae said...

Oh, I obsessively wonder about these things too. But you know... I think so long as we are striving to relate OUR love to them, and reflecting HIS love in the process... I think the memories, more often than not, are ones they'll cherish.

punkinmama said...

Oh, I wonder the same things! But I pray they remember the love and tickle fights and happiness more than anything else!

Dolly @ Soulstops said...

I love how you captured the essence of what I hope our daughter will remember: His love and ours for her.

Wonderful post!

ros said...

I wonder at that stuff as well, but then I remember that I don't have many clear memories before late teens of individual things (just randoms)but what I do remember is a general feeling of security, happiness, safety, warmth. I tell myself in my yelling/nagging moments that as long as the overall feeling is security then the moments don't matter so much. Comforts me. And annoys me cos I do try really hard to make moments/days special...but then I take lots of photos and hope this will jog their memories and show them how happy their faces were, so along with that general feeling of love is 'tangible evidence' of the fun that their childhood was.

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Barbara said...

Just beautiful! I think think is what we all want for our children!