Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Tis the Season!

This is a sponsored conversation from Tiny Prints on how I photograph my kids for Christmas cards, for full disclosure and a chance to win see bottom of post. 

For Matching outfits!

* we don’t actually wear masks for photos, it’s just an agreement with PBDad and the big kids that over the age of 12mo no full faces on the blog. 

I’ll admit I have always been a bit crazy about having the perfect matching outfits for holiday pictures. Since I know have two girls, well I may have upped the crazy a bit. But matching outfits just kill me with twice the cute, see:

Oh matching Missoni! and Hats!

It kind of drives my husband a little batty because on top of having to have the perfectly picked and coordinating outfits I need to get the perfect picture. Oh and I start the quest as soon as the leaves change. So far we have already had 1 semi-professional photo shoot and as soon as the rain clears we will be having another. See I already bought the Christmas outfits.

Yes, I know it’s the first week of November. I bought them back in October. For reasons I don’t understand every year when I first start looking in October The Children’s Place already has the Christmas outfits on sale. Score! I also have a thing for Christmas plaid and since we have a similar sets from the last 3 Christmas, we can mix and match for all the many festivities and still look coordinated! This is the ensemble for this year:
Kids Christmas Outfits

The babies outfit looks just like the big girls only it’s a dress, it's not online anymore. The bow on the skirt kills me I love it. We don’t have hats though. I will be hitting the store and trying to find that beret it is so stinking cute and can you just imagine it on my little pumpkin headed baby? Too Cute! PBboy would not wear the fedora or I totally would have bought it! He is also wearing black slacks not jeans.

Next mission is going to be to get all three of them to look at the camera at the same time. That is tough. It’s all for a purpose though, getting an image to put on our Christmas Cards. One of my favorite places for Christmas Cards is Tiny Prints. I love how easy their site is to navigate and the quality of their products can't be beat.

My Husbands all about classic Christmas cards and I love a mix of modern and vintage so we are looking at these:

Although I am loving the idea of a tri-fold, it’s way easier to get one kid to look at the camera!

I also like these where I can choose several images, it plays into my inability to choose just one photo:

It also would give me a reason to replicate this picture to use on the cards:

How sweet is that? I know PBbaby would look so cute! Maybe use a Santa hat and a tutu?

Do you use photos for your holiday cards? Are you matching outfit obsessed or just coordinating.

Want to win 50 free cards from Tiny Prints? head over to Leane’s! But don’t delay, her giveaway ends Friday!

Want TWO chances to win? Head over to my local blog, Little Lake County and enter there too, ends Monday. 

This is a sponsored conversation from Tiny Prints. I received 50 Christmas cards for sharing how I do family photos for my holiday cards. All opinions expressed are my own. All card images from Tiny Prints. 

Kids pictures credit: Victoria Allen


Barbara said...

Maybe once baby #2 makes an appearance I will be all about the matching outfits. I can't wait to send out my Christmas cards this year!

CJ said...

I LOVE how you mask their faces! Which reminds me, I should probably ask my son how he feels about his photos on display. Then again, he thinks he's the most handsome fifteen year old EVER.

The Bozarth Family said...

That last card with the lights is SO stinkin' cute! I am all with you on the matching outfits now for the girls. And I'm taking full advantage of it because 4 year old girl is totally into it now and I'm sure my days are limited where she will want her baby sister looking like her. 5 year old boy - could care less about what he wears (happy in sweats and the same tshirt EVERYDAY!)