Saturday, December 17, 2011

Connected {Five Minute Friday}

We are a sisterhood.

Connected to each other by a grief that is the same but so different.

She is connected to me and her and her and I to them.

It’s not always easy this tangled web of connections that we never asked to form. Emotions run deep and confusing. Arms pull us in close together, connect our hearts in the understanding that needs no words.

As I hang an angel on my tree I remember my sisters and their angels looking down at me.

Shinning through my daughter’s eyes.

Loving me from so far away.

I long to be connected with him, as much as I long to never miss a minute with the angels here that I raise everyday knowing one day we will all get to love on him and our family will be connected again.

(on Saturday)

If you are an angel Mama. Postpartum Progress introduced me to this fabulous site with amazing writing from parents of Angels. Glow in the Woods, it's a beautiful place. 


LeeBird3 said...

My heart aches for your loss of a precious boy. I'm a boy momma, three boys, and I can't imagine not having any of them.

Isn't it a sweet comfort to connect with other mommas who understand? I pray you'll get the chance to have a momma weekend with your far-off comrades.

:) LeeBird

Lenae said...

((hugs)) I'm grateful you are able to reach out despite the loss of your precious babe, and know you're not alone.

Hyacynth said...