Sunday, December 18, 2011

Deck the Halls {PBgirl Edition}

Welcome! There is just a few days before Christmas and we are spending the  week decking the halls and trimming the trees! I hope you'll link up and share your decorations, and more importantly your stories!

PBgirl Edition

My little girl. She is four (and a HALF!) and she is really coming into her own littler personality it is so fun and sweet to watch. I was working on taking some pictures of older ornaments for a family project I am working on and she kept stopping me. Take a picture of this one mommy. Mommy look take a picture over here! So these are her favorites (of the moment) from her box.* 

(*all my kids have their own box that we put their ornaments in every year, the hope is when they move into their own home we will send them off with a full box of memories and ornaments for their own tree.)

She is very into ballerina's right now, this little ballerina dancing with her daddy is from her first Christmas. It's bears because when she was a baby (and occasionally still) we called her (name)Bear because she would grunt and growl so much!

My little gymnast. Look mom she's on the beam just like me!

Her grandma gets her a (semi homemade) ornament every year (continuing a tradition from her mother-in-law) this is this years. She asked if she could sleep with him. 
This is her most prized ornament. She has asked several times if we could take it off the tree so it wouldn't have a chance to get broken. It's a hand blown glass Hello Kitty from the Christkindlmarket in Chicago. 

She calls this one her princess. She cried when her brother knocked it down, but she was un-harmed in the fall. (Madam Alexandria Angel from Hallmark)

Another homemade like ornament from grandma. Her horse riding angel. Her dad loves this one because he has an (actually handmade) ornament very similar from his grandpa. I hope to show you his later this week. 

What's on your tree? What's the story behind it?
Share your pictures and stories with me!

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This Heavenly Life said...

I love the idea of giving the kids each their own box for ornaments...I need to steal it!

I love her favorites! My Mia would heartily approve of that Hello Kitty....therefore we should never visit your home for fear of a jealous fit ensuing!!

(I'll try to link up later this week! I have something I'd love to tell a story about!)

This Heavenly Life said...

(Um...hello EXCLAMATIONS. I had a lot of hot cocoa this evening...)