Friday, December 2, 2011

Tired {Five Minute Friday}


Words swell and crash onto the rocks of my brain.
Stories, lists, words, words, and more words.

The fatigue is deep in my bones. I know these moments are fleeting but that cannot pull the deep darkness of fatigue off of me.

I am tired.

I am tired from lack of sleep yes, but deep down under that fatigue is an ever darker fog.

Tired of mediocrity.

Tired of half dones and uncompleteds.

Tired of going through the motions and never finishing anything.

They are all related the tiredness of body and the tiredness of brain.

They feed off of each other growing bigger and bigger until you are totally engulfed and you cannot see the shore from the waves crashing around you.

You bob and toss among them. Trying to ride them through without going under.

I’m trying to not go under but with each wave of fatigue that crashes on my brain I feel it getting harder and harder to keep my head above the water.

So I tread.

I bob under. Deep breath, go down, if only for a minute to feel the weightlessness before popping back up.

Deep gasping breath.

Filling my lungs and calming the crashing waves if only for a minute.

Or Five...

1 comment:

Ginny Marie said...

Such a great description of how "tired" feels. I have felt that tired often, when it seems like nothing has been accomplished during the day. But then if I think back on what I did, I have usually accomplished more than it seems! (Feeding the kids counts, and it happens four or more times a day!)