Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twelve for Eleven

2011 was infinitely better than 2010, if PBbabies teeth ever break through, I'm sure 2012 will be even better. I am linking up with the lovely Ashley from My Front Porch Swing to share with  you my words, pictures and posts from 2011.

My Words...
Wordle: PBinmyHair2011
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I spent January being filled with Fear and Longing as we awaited the arrival of our first child after miscarriage.
34 week belly, 100 yr old door knob
Another word for January, Guilty

In February we were Smitten with the birth of our (but really it's) Fourth child. 
In march we became Accidental Co-sleepers, kept it Real and found Intolerance alive and thriving on Facebook. 

In April I Was brought to the Edge, found peace in Reconciliation and watched Her at Four

In May we came together to Help Joplin and I was healed through the waters of baptism. 

In June we celebrated Bigger Picture Blogs Birthday. Birthday's also made me wonder where I'm from and left me conflicted over being empty, broken and blessed. 
July had me appreciate being reunited with my old friend 4am as I accepted my new identity
In August we danced to a different mambo while chasing fireflies and admitting that luck has nothing to do with it.
I also attended Bloggy Boot Camp, and if you have a passion you need to go to a conference
In September I admitted that I dance the Medicated Mom Tango, fixed our picky eater and celebrated and mourned the empty chairs at our table.
In October we rocked fall together and my husband and I celebrated 10 years of married moments. 
I also attended Relevant and thanks to this lady I have a direction and ideas for 2012!
In November we were thankful, for family and friends. We wrote through the broken joy of holidays, red marks and who she is. 

Through the tired chaos of Christmas I learned to be still and listen to Him. I also poured my heart and soul into some fiction

Goodbye 2011, I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

If you did a review post leave it in the comments so I can come visit!

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Anonymous said...

I did a review post of sorts. My blog has been up since August 2011, but my journey has been alive long before.