Monday, January 23, 2012


This is a fiction piece that I wrote fora writing practice I did with the Bigger Picture Blogs Leaders, the prompt "Darkness" was darkness and since we were meeting on Friday the 13th we we supposed to try to write scary.  

She sat on the end of the chaise in the dark room, back straight and rigid hands on her knees just staring into the darkness. It was so dark, dark like the murky film on the ultrasound that laid crumpled on the floor at her feet. There was not even a chance of light as the storm clouds were gathering behind her tightly closed curtains. It’s like the world was mourning with her. Blocking out the light, muffling the sounds and drowning her world in their tears.

The only sound that could be heard in the darkness was her shallow breathing and the staccato plucking of the musical mobile above the empty crib. It’s music sounding less like a sweet lullaby and more like the eerie chimes of an organ playing in the background of a Hitchcock film.

She was brought out of her near catatonic state by the sound of steps pounding up the stairs. They came closer to her quickly, but sounded slow and heavy, like he was trudging through heavy snow as fast as he could only to be slowed by the weight with each step. Each thump up the stairs bought him closer to her and pushed her heart farther and farther into her gut.  

She knew he would come, how could he not after the text she sent:

it’s happened again

So soon though, she didn’t think he would here so soon. She feels almost as if he is violating her, intruding on her space and her darkness. She doesn’t want to share, doesn’t want to let light in by opening the door she just wants to let the darkness envelop her.  

The doorknob jiggles but doesn’t budge. Apparently she had locked it when she entered the darkened room. She doesn’t remember doing that. She starts frantically going through the files of her mind trying to figure out what else she may have done. Her heart starts to pound quickly in her chest as she realizes she doesn't know. Doesn’t know how she got from where she was to here, how did she end up in this place in this state of cold darkness.

Pounding. She can hear it, she can feel it in her chest but she doesn’t move, she can’t. The pounding is getting frantic, she hears her name but it sounds like it’s being called from a million miles away instead of a mere few feet.

She wills herself to stand but she doesn’t know how. Her body doesn’t feel like her own it feels like the shell of a puppet, deflated and empty being moved by an outside force greater then her. She sees her hand, bony and lined with veins, a stark white in contrast against the light-less room. It reaches shakily for the lock and turns it with a click.

As the door flings open, she notices a dark streak on her wrist. It’s a dark contrast aganist her stark white skin and she suddenly notices the feeling. The feeling of warmth flowing from her.  She looks up at him her eyes full of fear, suddenly vunerable. Their eyes lock for a second before she collapses into his outstretched arms.


Emily said...

Oh! My heart was in my throat! That was so sad and...scary. What happens next?

This Heavenly Life said...

I love how you did that at the end with the warmth...well done :)