Friday, January 6, 2012

Dress Like a Girl {January Challenge}


Open your closet, what do you see? feel? Are you inspired, excited to get dressed or do you see a jumble of clothes and feel dread at trying to figure out what you’re going to wear?

I’m starting out the new year with a desire to simplify and reduce clutter and stuff. Having been pregnant for almost two years straight my closet was a mess of maternity, in between clothes, too small clothes and too big clothes. Getting dressed everyday was a game of does this fit, how does this look.

After seeing the above pin on Pinterest, I was inspired.

The January challenge is to:

 Clean out your closet.

Take this weekend and pull everything out. Look at it and ask yourself:

  • Does it fit?
  • Do I look good in it?
  • Is it still current, classic, in style?
  • Is it worth the closet space?

My closet is emptier, but also fuller.

Full Disclosure: This is before laundry day, it's fuller than this

I packed up all the clothes that were my “normal” not pregnant size and put them in the attic. It was time to admit that with three kids it may take a little longer to get there this time. I’m not ready to accept that this is the body I will have forever, but it is the body I have right now.

Clothes from high school (yes I still had some) went away. An almost 35year old mom who has nursed three will never (never!) again wear a halter top or crochet tank. I had several sweaters that while I loved them and they sort of fit, we’re too short and unflattering.

Now everything in my closet fits. Getting dressed is not a battle anymore. I know when I open up my closet that what ever I grab will zip and flatter and that is a huge start to dressing like a girl!

So your challenge is this:

  • Clean out your closet
  • Keep only what you love and what fits
  • Turn your hangers backwards (see pin for why)

In June we will meet this challenge again as we clear out all that we haven’t worn!

Will you join me in clearing the way to love the body your in by cleaning up your closet? Join the challenge below:

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Gillie said...

Did you weigh your stuff for the clutter challenge? Clothes weigh a lot! :)