Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun with Microbes

{alternate title Julie is crazy}

I have this super talented (seriously she should re-open her shop because she makes the most beautiful handbags) friend who got bored and work one day. This is what happens when Julie gets bored at work.

Meet An.thrax the Stuffed Microbe (odd typing is because the last thin I need is homeland security fining my blog!) .

An excerpt from An.thrax's letter (to illustrate Julie's crazy*)

For the record, and in case any federal agents happen to intercept this piece of mail, this is NOT real an.thrax. It is a toy. Or, for some of you, a picture of a toy because the down side of capitalism is that toy an.thrax costs money and I’m not rich, so I only bought one and took pictures of it like a cheapskate. It is not infectious or hazardous. In fact, it’s downright LOVEABLE. And, if we are being honest, it’s not even really an.thrax, it’s another disease, Yersinia Pestis. Some moron at Giant Microbes needs to pack up his desk. Or her desk. But I like to imagine a really arrogant dude making this mistake, just for fun.

So we got An.thrax last week and he settled into our hipster lifestyle just fine:

He was generally well behaved:
He even forwarded science by finding the source of black holes (hint, they are in the back of suburban mom mini-vans):

He did get a little out of hand on Saturday night...
So we shipped him out, we can't have wild microbes running free with children in the house:

Where's he going next? You'll just have to "like" his Facebook page to find out and follow his adventures. There is a whole album of his antics up there for you to see!

* just to clarify Julie is crazy AWESOME not crazy crazy


Julie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! And no promises on the not being crazy thing, because it's totally possible. Just wait until I'm the old spinster who collects giant microbes instead of cats. Kids will try to sell me wrapping paper or cookies or whatever schools sell now and I'll be all, "Come, have some lemonade with my Ebola.(spinster laugh)"

I'm SO HAPPY you love an.thrax!!!!!!!! This makes me happy that you are happy and someone else will be happy and someone else will be happy............

Melissa Haak said...

Hahahaha! Yes so much fun! My husband *may* have suggested that I was a little disturbed and having *too* much fun (see the pictures I added to the album today) but I think the whole family enjoyed it! Now to get stamps so I can send him on his next adventure, it's going to rock!

Erin said...


Hyacynth said...

I like that he got a little crazy Saturday night. That's my kind of microbe.