Monday, January 30, 2012

Holding her up

Inspired by Bigger Picture Blogs Creative Inspiration Today I worked on this story some more, from his view. Warning, this did not have the editing time the last piece had it was just a quick free write. 


He looks up at her with fear and sadness in his eyes. Who is this woman in front of him? A shell of her former self. Where is the spark, the light, the love that used to radiate from her. She could brighten a room and his mood with just a look, a small smile. Now she is a crumbled mass in his arms. Deep sobs racking her whole body. He doesn’t know what to do, what to say so he just rubs her head, kisses the top of it gently and whispers, "it will be okay".

But will it he wonders?

He pulls her up and cups her face in his hands. Willing her to look him in the eyes, to see how much he loves her, to see that while everything has changed they are still the same. The same couple that loves and cares for each other.  The couple that holds hands as they walk down the street. Who would rather spend a date night at a burger joint than a fancy restaurant. Who will sit on their back porch talking about everything and nothing for hours.

We will get through this” he whispers to her with a gaze so serious and intent. He is trying to bore his words onto her brain, make her see through her pain. “I love you, and you love me and we together we will hold each other up and we will figure this out”.

She does’t speak, she just closes her eyes and lets her head fall from his hands onto his chest. Tears streaming down her face, soaking his shirt.

He collapses to the floor into a crumpled pile of limbs, bringing her down with him. Together they sit, a tangled pile of  humanity and emotions. In the darkness of this space he allows the tears to fall from his eyes. They mingle with hers and form rivers of pain that pool on his shirt. How did they get here? Just a few weeks earlier they were celebrating the image of their little “peanut” as they named him and now this.

Now there was nothing. Nothing but a crumbled imaged stained from her tears and a broken wife laying in his arms.

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