Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Moment {Simple Moments, Bigger Picture}

I stare at her, at them, willing my brain to burn this moment, so many moments into my memory.

This exact moment. 

The roundness of her cheeks.The way the water makes her eyelashes stick together in clumps. How they look like the points of stars or of a Japanese doll. Big bright eyes surrounded by rays of lashes stretching out.

I please with myself don't let this moment fade into the foggy files of an aging brain. Don't. Miss. This.

Sometimes I have my camera and can sneak a shot of the moment. Of my little ones doing big things.

Many times I wish for a camera to capture the moments. To preserve them all, every last one. I want to live in the moment, but also document it. Remember it. Cherish it. 

I look at my older two children and wonder how many moments, how many simple, everyday moments have I missed. Forgotten.

I don't want to me so consumed with remembering, documenting, that I forget to live it. For what good is a memory of a moment if the moment was just observed and not lived?

So I grasp and I pull. Steal moments here and there from the fog of memory and I cherish the ones that will fade and be forgotten. I may not remember every simple little moment. But every moment will be lived. 

Simply living the moment, that’s my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What’s yours?

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This Heavenly Life said...

Yes! I feel this way ALL the time, Melissa! The need to just be there without wondering how I can use the moment for some part of my own desires. We may not end up remembering every little bit, BUT we will end up feeling the effects -- joy, contentment, wonder -- of real life long after that moment has gone.

Robin said...

I just recently wrote about this and I battle with this all the time. I want to remember every single awesome moment of their lives, and in our humanness, that is just not possible. Hy helped me realize that He deserves our praise for all the memories we DO remember. And it helps that we have cameras to capture the rest. ;)

May said...

This went straight to my heart! I can remember so many experiences where I did this same thing willing the memory into my heart and mind. And being this much further down the road than you are I can tell you that you will be so glad you did!

Been having so much fun seeing your pins! Can't wait to see you in the paper bag waisted skirt! Adorable.

Danielle said...

Trying to hold on can be maddening, can't it? I hope these blogs are helping us to do just that. I think you're doing a great job working at this.

Unknown said...

It's a delicate balance between documenting and being. I struggle with it I bring the camera because if I do I'll be taking photos and not "living the moment". But that's why we are writers, so we can live the moment and document it later all the wonderful itty bitty details of the day. Keep on living the moment. :-)

Lenae said...

"For what good is a memory of a moment if the moment was just observed and not lived?" This is a sobering but inspiring reminder: I'm tucking it away to roll around as I move through my days, remembering that there is, yes, a difference between observing and truly living.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I have older ones whose lives weren't so well documented and I have the very same thoughts as you do. Lovely post!

Adrienne said...

This is such a dilemma...and having older kids (24 and 21) I can say I love having so many pics of their younger years...but there are/were times I purposely left the camera out of the moment...One thing I wish I had done more is write. I've loved discovering how much moms are writing about their lives with their kids on blogs - it's a true treasure!

Erin said...

Hi friend, sorry I haven't visited in awhile. This is simply beautiful writing. Thank you for the reminder to live the moments with my children. All too often I get caught up in the daily grind to take a breath a just be with my kids. Hope you are well!

Hyacynth said...

There is a perpetual battle between these two forces in this house, too. I feel you.

Alita said...

This resonates in a big way. You know I always have a camera at my disposal, but the real gift is the capturing by memory and heart.


Lucy The Valiant said...

I feel this same exact way SO much of the time!