Sunday, January 15, 2012

Savory Sunday: Chili Sunday's

We have been having a great time with our Update our meals Challenge*, well at least the parents are. The kids, the big ones, get a little tired of not having their "favorites". So to stay true to our mission with the challenge while accommodating the kids we have declared Sunday's:

Chili Sunday

My kids love chili. PBgirl loves it solely for the noodles or chips we usually serve with it. PBboy just loves chili. So every Sunday while I watch football and do laundry PBDad because the chilimaster. We alternate between white and red and once a month make our favorite chili to keep everyone happen (the kids call it "regular" chili)

Here are some of the recipes we have tried so far:
Sam's Vegetarian Bean Chili

We have made this vegetarian chili twice. Since technically we are finishing our week of detox we decided to repeat it. My husband actually said tonight that this is his second favorite chili. Second to our own of course.

Heather's Texas Red Chili

This one was a big disappointment. For one it was a lot of work to make the sauce and we had the wrong meat (one of them was ground). I actually really enjoyed it despite it being super hot. The kids couldn't eat it at all it was too hot for them.

Leslie's Green Chili

This was our one true chili failure. As a chili, it was horrible. It was just so tomatillo flavored and sour. Like maybe if we had bought green salsa instead of tomatillos it would have been more balanced and tasty? The leftovers did make great taco filling.

Kahil's Turkey and White-Bean Chili

This is my absolute favorite white chili. I have never liked white chili and really hominy either for that matter. This chili however I eat until I literally can't eat anymore, it's that good. We do serve it over noodles and even the kids eat it. PBbaby loves it so much that we have to take turns feeding it to her because as soon as she swallows she is whining and crying for more, there's no time to feed yourself!

Our chili adventure is almost over as football season is winding down! We are going to try a steak chili next weekend, one more white and then we need to work on perfecting our recipe for the Church & School's Chili Cook off!

What's your favorite chili? Red or White? Noodles or Chips?

* Yes we're still doing it. I have just been negligent in posting our Meal Plan. You can see all the recipes on the Update our Meals Challenge Board on Pinterest. 

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