Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Beginnings of a Dream

"A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep"

I'm a shape shifter, a jack of all trades a master of none. That's what I've always thought. 

Dip a toe in here, a toe in there. try it all because life is fun and short! While it's fun it has always left me feeling a little stretched and empty, like I could never master something or perfect anything because I too quickly would move on to something else. As a recovering perfectionist this feeds into an inner dialogue of self depreciation and criticism. 

Why try?

Give it a week and you will want something new. 

I'm learning to embrace a new identiy and accept that I am an atitst. I may not create huge sculptures like my sister or paint masterpieces but I am embracing the idea that I create beautiful things. 

Sometimes that's through words. Or Photos. Or crafts. Or the eyes of my children. 

This past weekend I dusted off an old dream. 

Being on stage.  

I hoped in the van with no kids.  None at all. Not even the baby. 

 And the butterflies rubbled and threaten to burst, right of my belly, right out of my chest. 

Words. Ready. Waiting to be set free. 

Butterflies calmed with some bad music played loud. Very Loud. 

Nerves calmed at the site of my city (and rockstar parking!)

The city that will always feel like home in my heart. 

 So perfect as this was uncommon ground for my feet to tread (though it felt so right, so normal)

In the bathroom. 

A reminder needed. Beauty is not always seen What you have can't be summed up in your words on a page or spoken aloud. You are more than the sum of your parts. 

 And we take time for tea and we wait.

Wait to see where dreams land and words arrive.

But the gift, the dream revealed is not in getting the part, but in stepping out of the shell and going for it in the first place.

Listen to Your Mother has a few more auditions still happening if your interested (you should totally do it)

Madison March 3
Philadelphia (deadline March 9)
Northwest Indiana March 11


Hyacynth said...

I sorta feel almost like I was there with you. {I sort of was, but you know what I mean!}

Liz P said...

I could have written the first part of your story myself. Jack of all trades, Master of none...and all of that.

Bravo to you for stepping out and stepping on that stage!

You're a winner whether you get the part or not.

Kim/reluctant renovator said...

You captured the whole experience so well. I didn't make the cut, but I'm glad I got out there and tried.

Melisa Wells said...

This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I'm so glad to have you on board! :)

Lisa Hanneman said...

Love your photographs of each step of the experience. You captured it incredibly well. Congrats - Can't wait to see the show!

Lisa Noel said...

can't wait to see you and the other ladies

Houseful Of Nicholes said...

This is such a great piece! I love the photos of your journey. And I think that I'll join your crew of jack of all trades master of none. At least, that's my 9-5 job. ;)

Lisa said...

Love this post! It sooo captured your experience.

Paula said...

Very cool way of telling your story! Good for you stepping out and doing something for YOU!