Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Epically Ordinary Love Story {Part III}

Welcome to Bigger Picture Moments! Taking time to revel in the simple moments that make up the bigger picture of our life! The link up can be found at Part I. 

As we wrap up our focus on love this month I thought it appropriate to finally share the story of the love of my life. It’s perfectly crazy hollywood style romantic comedy material, if I wanted to exgerate the fnny details. I won’t. It’s just an ordinary story of love, timing, and the amazing way God ensures we meet the people we need at the time (or times) we need them. 
Part III: The Boy who was Mistaken

Several week later and everyone was making plans for the Fourth of July. As is most suburban areas there are plenty of events to choose from over several nights. One of those evenings I decided to meet Alice and her cousin Zoe at a fair and fireworks display in a nearby town. A male friend of mine Sam invited me to go with him and his mom.

Now Sam and I were close friends and his mom was a doll who all of Sam’s friends  frequently talked to and hung out with. This invite was not in anyway unusual. So we’re hanging out on the blanket waiting for the fireworks to start when Leonard and The Boy with the goatee walk up to us.

My heart flipped flopped in my chest and I tried to look cool and calm. We exchanged pleasantries but the boy was as aloof as ever and Leonard was just looking for Alice. They went on their way shortly after that.

(not very dramatic reenactment)

Leonard, shoving Goatee Boy in the arm. “Dude! What was that!
What” he says kicking the ground and shrugging his shoulders as he takes a drag off his cigarette. He knew exactly what he was talking about but he was trying to play cool.
Dude, you know what, that’s the girl from the party. The one that’s interested in you, the one that is LEGAL unlike the one you were sucking face with”
I keep telling you! SHE WAS LEGAL! Jeesh, anyway that grl is clearly on a date. Why else would she be here with a dude and his mom?


Sigh. I lean back on my arms and think to myself what does a girl have to do to get this boys attention!

Alice came bounding over with Zoe following behind her. “Did you see him? Did you see him? Goatee boy is here! Did you talk to him

Yeah but he didn’t have much to say and they left really quick.”

That was the last time I saw him that summer, but it would not be the last time that year....

To Be continued...

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*Names changed to protect the innocent bystanders


Unknown said...

WT! Where's part IV? I need it I'm addicted ... it's like a Soap Opera and I NEED to know what happened. {Seriously like I don't know the ending, but still...}

This Heavenly Life said...

I laugh every time you say 'sucking face.' Haha! Oh, I bet he is LOVING this!