Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Juggler {Just Write}

Source: flickr.com via Melissa on Pinterest
I am a performer.
A juggler.
Grab this, throw it in the air so I can grab that.

Keep tossing, and grabbing and catching and throwing.
Walking the tightrope of life and trying to keep all the balls in the air.


I grab and toss.
Grab and toss.

Giving each thing just enough time so that it doesn’t crash to the floor and roll away.
But not giving it enough time so that it can grow flourish.

I’m just a performer juggling all the things.
A jack of all trades a master of none.

So I let one drop, let it fall to the ground.
It rolls away and I try not to look, try not to see what I dropped.
Focus on the balls still in the air.

Grab and toss.
Grab and toss.

 Keep the show running and everyone entertained.


Tricia said...

It is most definitely a juggling act. Exhausting, yes, but such important things we juggle.
Lovely post.

Chrissy macCEO said...

Love this post! So very true & relatable!!

Jen said...

Oh how I can relate!


Hyacynth said...

I know, lady. Oh, do I know the strain of your lovely worded prose.

heather said...

and they just keep rolling and you're right...we just have to keep looking up at all the others.

this was perfect. thank you, friend.

Unknown said...

Oh you have this SO very right. We are constantly juggling, aren't we?

My post is sort of similar today... Motherhood is just... WOW.