Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Sweet Life

It sneaks up on you. 

The sweetness of a life you never expected

You find it in scribbles on the floor. 

In fresh flowers adoring the table. 

The little bits and pieces of your children’s hearts decorated and hung on the wall. 

This time of year can be dreary and dark, for me especially. 

I have two angels that show me sweetness everyday. One in heaven shinning through her eyes her with me and covering me in kisses

So we hang heart on a banister. 
We greet strangers and friends alike with a heart and love. 

Perhaps a little extra sweetness to chase away the grey as it tries to sneak in. 

And I keep looking, keep stretching my eyes to find all those little bits of sweetness that I might not see if I wasn’t looking. 


Lucy The Valiant said...

It really does come at the perfect time to combat the grayness of this time of year!

Unknown said...

I am so glad you found me on twitter. I popped over here and this post was filled to the brim with sweetness and beauty.
Be blessed this valentines day and always...

a new friend,

Robin said...

yes, this is filled with sweetness! I especially love the crayon-colored Jesus heart. {melt}

Ginny Marie said...

The greyness and coldness of winter is getting me down, too. Sweet week is such a sweet thing!