Thursday, March 8, 2012

In an Instant {Bigger Picture Moments}

It was the afternoon witching hour.

Baby girl woke up for the day way too early necessitating an early nap. So here we were in the middle of late afternoon total grumpies. Her because she was tired and me because nothing was getting done because she was clingy.

So I took a moment.

We climbed into my bed and I tucked the phone under my leg and blankets and we played. We cuddled, we tickled.

It was only a instant that I didn’t have the phone audible.


The drive from home is always loud and chaotic.

Kids jubilantly talking about their day.

Siblings taking out frustration and stress from the day by picking on and teasing each other.

It was only an instant.

A child threatening to throw something of the other’s out the window. A saying no, looking over his shoulder for only an instant. He didn’t want to close her hand in the window.

It was only an instant but it changed everything.

4 missed calls. 

4 messages. How it was only an instant. 

One instant where I didn’t have my phone on and in my face.


One instant where he wasn’t looking at the road.

One instant was all it took.

To change lives. To change perspectives.

Everyone is okay. Totally and completely okay.

My car, my first (and only) new car, is not.

We can replace cars, but we can’t replace an instant. In that instant we were all reminded how blessed we are.

Blessed it was low speed. Blessed that it was a sage car. Blessed that even though the airbags went off no one hit them (you should see what it did tot he lunchbox that it did hit!). Blessed that no one was injured mentally or physically. Blessed that my husband works between our house and the kids school and that his employer is so accepting of a modified schedule while we wait for a new car.

It was scary.

It’s currently hard (especially on mom! I was not meant to be a bus driver)

But it was just an instant.

An instant that changes things, but that is gone.

We can dwell on what happened and what we lost or we can dust our self off and move on.

Remembering that we are blessed.

In all instances.

Simply counting our blessings, that's my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What's Your's

Harness the moment. Write it down, share a picture, a poem or prose. However YOU need to process and remember the moment. All moments big and small.

Link up yours at Undercover Mother this week.

Try to visit the other participants and encourage each other in this journey we call life.


Alita said...

I am so thankful that your wee family came away unscathed. Seriously! Very thankful, friend. And I'm also happy that the gratefulness you feel is being spread for others to take heed.

Life is so very precious.


Unknown said...

I'm so VERY glad everyone is ok. Things happen in an instant, and we need to keep that in perspective everyday. We are only given this one life and we need to honor it and cherish it. I will now go hug my husband and babies VERY tightly. Hugs to you!

Ginny Marie said...

SO scary! It's amazing how an instant can change things so fast. I'm glad everyone is okay!!

May said...

I don't think it is until you are a mother that you fully and completely grasp how much can happen in an instant. So glad everyone is safe and well!

Katie Gates said...

Very poignant post. I can relate, as I had an instant at the end of January, which I posted about in early Feb. I was walking up the street when the sidewalk tripped me. I landed on my face, and had my head been positioned differently, I would have undoubtedly sustained a brain injury. Some PTSD kicked in about a week later, as the reality of what might have happened sunk in. That funk has since lifted, thank God. ...Instances are what lives are made of. How lucky we are that most of them are good. I'm glad your family is safe and okay.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

So very blessed indeed. I'm SO GLAD everybody made it safe and sound. It really does just take an instant. Living in Thailand where the rules for driving are mostly...shall we say nonexistent?...I feel ever much closer to both life and death. These little instances remind us both of how fragile we are...but also how resilient we can be.

I love that you chose to focus on resilient.

Emily said...

Oh! That's really scary. I'm so glad everyone's okay!