Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picky Eater Approved Recipes

So I owe you an update on our Meal Challenge, it’s coming. We're still doing really well and I am so thrilled with how our whole family has really changed our eating habits. I am most proud of my picky eater who has completely changed her attitude and eating habits towards food.

Fighting, not fighting, battling, catering, dealing with a picky eater is exhausting, I know. As a reformed picky eater, who did not reform until her (late) twenties and as a mother of a (soon to be) reformed picky eater I can tell you it’s worth it!

This week in particular we have had 3 (three!), very different, new (to us) recipes that were all huge hits with the (soon to be reformed) picky eater, which has prompted a new series to share with you:


Picky Eater Approved Recipes.

I hope to share our success here at least twice a month.

The first, deemed “the best this week” was Pork Cutlets Parmesan

We served it with mashed poatoes, kale for the adults and mixed (frozen veggies) for the kids. This recipe was so tasty and is a great way to take a small amount of meat and really stretch it.  We used a 1lb tenderloin- the kind that come shrink sealed- that we got on sale cheap. If we just grilled or roasted a tenderloin that size it wold not have been enough to feed our whole family. The cutlets however served everyone, with seconds, and leftovers.

The (soon to be reformed) picky eater ate all her potatoes- which is new and a huge breakthrough for us. She also ate all of the pork and had seconds, she devoured, it all of it. Another breakthrough was the mixed veggies which were corn, peas, and carrots that she “picked out” from the store. It was the first time she ate them all together as opposed to picking out and only eating the peas.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Seriously tasty, not to hard and picky eater approved!


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