Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blooming {Just Write}

Spring started blooming early this year. Before we even had a chance to clear some of our flower beds little bud were pushing their way up through the darkness of seasons past. Reaching for the bright warm light of spring.

Fall is my favorite season but I have a special fondness in my heart for spring.

You can feel the vibrating energy of the new life as the earth blooms around us in the spring. It’s impossible to not be hopeful and light when even in some of the darkest corners little flowers are peaking out.

Two of my babies are spring babies.

Which means around this time there is more then flowers blooming in our house. After a long winter of bundling bodies in sweaters and jeans we notice new, longer limbs poking out of short sleeves and skirts.

The roundness of early childhood giving way to the pointy edges of young children. I notice a jaw that is looking more chiseled and dimple in a cheek that is fading, the skin too taunt and smooth to house it anymore.

He is reading chapter books now, by himself!

Her language has completely changed, she is communicating with peers so much better.

She loves to sing and dance.

He loves to draw.

They are blooming into the people they are going to be and I can’t help but just sit and watch them in awe.


Hyacynth said...

Such a beautiful capture, M!

Corrina said...

I love the description of the roundness of babies turning to pointy edges. So true.