Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Chasm {Just Write}

crack in a brick
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We used to be close.

No matter the time or distance we could pick up and everything was the same. Sweet and funny, happy and sad, friends, food, laughter. 

Now there is a chasm and I fear it grows with the years. 

It was not one thing. Not one event. It’s nothing either of us could prevent but there it gapes. It’s dark mouth opened wide, threatening to swallow what laughter and good will remains. 

My heart sees bridges. Rising up and crossing the gap. Bringing the rage edges closer together if not physically bit spiritually. Yet life seems intent on pushing it apart. 

I know it seems like on one side of the canyon is all that you wanted for your life. Kids running, family loving, the proverbial white picket fence. While on your side it’s darkness. Loss and grief, struggles and misfortune. It seems no matter what you change there is always a cloud hanging over your side while mine is full of sunshine. 

I wish you knew. I wish you could understand that it rains here too. Sometimes you can’t see the storm clouds that swirl and crash inside the rays of the sun. 

Our side of the cliffs are more similar then you think, if only we could see them the chasm may be filled.


Lenae said...

Beautiful and raw, Melissa.

Amanda MacB said...

As someone who deals with cyclical depression, and has friendships with some people who also deal with depression, I really appreciated this description of perspective, of life, of tough things.

Alita said...

"Sometimes you can’t see the storm clouds that swirl and crash inside the rays of the sun."

I agree.

This post was vivid with description and I can feel your pain in so many ways, Mel. I have that chasm in my life, too.

Nicely captured.