Saturday, April 28, 2012

Listening {6 Words 5 for 5}

Take time to stop and listen. 
Turn down  the static and breathe 

This is the symphony of life
Your life. How does it sound?

My symphony is made of the
Crescendos of little girls giggling together.  
Squeaks, squawk's, squeals, of a happy baby
Questions  and more questions from a curious boy
The hum of life in a busy house

If you listen carefully, you can hear more
Under the symphony of happy blessings
is the staccato rhythm of sadness
The drumming beat of sorrows tears

The quiet undertone to the happy symphony 
Bright and light music played over quiet drumming

Listen carefully, what do you hear?
Do you hear only what your eyes see
Or can you hear what lies beneath?



Lenae said...

Beautiful, Melissa. Love you, my friend.

Melissa Camara Wilkins said...

I long for the day when the soundtrack will be only giggles and chatter and deep, meaningful conversation, without any undercurrent of melancholy at all. But oh, your sounds sound familiar!

Hyacynth said...

Such beautiful, evocative poetry, M.

Sarah said...

I often wonder what it sounds like from the outside. I fear the aren't enough giggles. I fear there aren't sent enough joy in my tone. And then I shift my focus and listen for the good. It's there! Yay! Let it not be drowned out so often!

Lovely post.

Kate said...

Those undercurrents - the multiple harmonies and dissonances of life - yes.