Monday, April 9, 2012

Make Your Spring Hotter {GIVEAWAY}

I love shoes.

I know lot’s of people say that but not only do I love shoes, my husband loves shoes too. If we had the income we would give Imelda Marcos a run for her money in the shoe department.

Sadly for my shoe collection multiple pregnancies have done something horrible to my feet, they grew! Or spread, the end result is that I wear a bigger size. Which is a bit cruel when you have a closet full of shoes that now pinch, squeeze and hurt  your feet. I have been slowly re-building my shoe over the last few years but it's still weak and missing many things.

One area that was seriously lacking in my shoe collection was dress shoes. Since I don’t work in an office anymore I just didn’t feel the need to replace all my different dress shoes. If I needed to dress up for an event I would either suffer through some pinching or I would buy new ones as needed.

This spring I have a bunch of events that I need to dress nicer for, weddings, showers, church gatherings and a little (SOLD OUT) stage production. I wanted to get a basic black pump that I could wear to all of these things and more without crying by the end of the night.

Meet my Hotter Quickstep

I had worked with Hotter last winter and loved my boots. They were the most comfortable boots ever right out of the box. I expected my new shoes to be comfortable to, it’s what Hotter is known for, but I expected some break in time since they were dress shoes.

The first time I wore them was to a Sunday church service where I ended up walking around and bouncing a very crabby almost 23 pound baby for almost 2 hours. Two hours of walking, bouncing and standing, in new heels, never before worn.

My feet were fine! No blisters, no hot spots, no sore spots nothing. They were as comfortable as my boots. I even wore them for a day in the city without any nylons and still no hot spots or blisters. As far as a dress shoe goes these are the most comfortable that I have ever worn and they are cute!

I mean usually when you think of a comfort shoe you think of some kind of blah looking flat that your grandma would wear. Not at Hotter, they are chic and comfortable!

Now I am always completely honest with you so here is the only downfall, they are kind of pricey for my budget for a dress shoe. I am always willing to spend more on boots and shoes I wear all the time, runners, summer sandals for everyday. However for dress shoes that I only wear for a few hours at a time I tend to look for shoes that are less then a $100. Now I was talking to my mother-in-law about this (she is a huge fan of British shoes). I mentioned that a comparable brand state side was cheaper if comfort was the key thing you were looking for. She brought up the exchange rate...which probably accounts for the difference.

Now for the fun part, I get to give one of you a pair of new spring Hotter’s too! What will you choose? The super cute Gaby Sandal:

A dressy Valetta?

Or maybe something sporty?

Giveaway Details:

This is going to be a super easy, super quick contest (ends FRIDAY April 13)

Snap a pic of your bare feet and tell me where you would wear the Hotter of your choice:

Tweet or Instagram the pic with the Hashtag #HotterLuv 

Not on twitter? Post (or tag Hotter) it on the Hotter Facebook Page!

You can get 1 additional entry if you come back here and tell me you and which shoe you choose.

So where will you wear YOUR Hotter’s?

Leagaese:  No purchase necessary to enter, prize is valued at $120 and subject to availability of stock. I received a pair of Hotter quickstep to assist in this review, no other compensation was received and opinions expressed are all my own. 

16 comments: said...

Hmmm. The Livia sandals in brown are nice. I'd have to think about it to be sure. I have a pair of Hotter walking shoes. My advice is to order a half size bigger, if you have sensitive feet or to REALLY break them in before you wear them for a walking day!

Elena Vo said...


Thank you so much for the generous giveaway!
Looking at how Quick Step just naturally compliments your feet, I'd like to try the Valetta shoe. There's something very feminine in its shape, don't you find?
Elena V

Elena Vo said...


Thank you so much for the generous and fabulous giveaway! My "go-to" purse is a leather bucket tote from The Sak. It's big enough to host my daily essentials yet very fun and feminine.
Thank you again,
Elena V

Mammamayor said...

Love the valetta shoe and the sporty ones thank you!

Katie said...

I think all of the Hotter shoes are fantastic, but I would wear the Bliss shoes everywhere! They look comfortable, yet stylish for all sorts of assignments in my daily stay at home mom life!

Heather@ That Uncomfortable Itch said...

Love, love, love the Valettas!!!! I Tweeted it under my Tweet name, Caloden.

Unknown said...

I loooove the Sweet Shoes in Raspberry!

Lenae said...

Totally feel your pain about the ever-wider feet; mine have expanded with pregnancy too, and I just had to sell off some brand new sandals I ordered because I couldn't squish my feet into them (talk about a bummer after waiting 3 weeks for them to arrive!) :(

That being said, how fab is this contest?! I think the Valetta's are super-cute!

Wellstopia said...

I'd wear the Gabby sandals out for a date night in the summer. They are super cute!

Wellstopia said...

And my fav shoes after looking at the whole site are STILL the Gaby in red- those shoes are HOT!

Janice said...

May I just pretend that your feet are mine? They've had a nice Pedi, and they are relaxing in a swing- where I'd like to be!

I love the Quicksteps that you chose, although I think it would be difficult to decide which color.

Kat said...

I'm kinda digging the Weymouth Shoes for summer - though their boots are to die for!

Keely said...

Those Quickstep are gorgeous!! Especially in the patent! I swoon! I would go for the Kiwi sandals in hibiscus.

Seriously, I started pre-babies at about a 10, so now at an 11 wide, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find cute shoes that fit locally. It's such a drag that the shoes in my size most places are so drab. Thank you so much for the review! I'm willing to pay more for quality because I usually only have one summer open toe shoe and one closed toe winter shoe :/ I love shoes SO SO much, and this sad no-cute-shoes existence wears on me ;)

Unknown said...

If I won some Hotters I would love to win the sporty ones. I would walk the length and breadth of Britain's countryside & my feet would be very happy :-) (I have tweeted @magichappensxx).

Janelle said...

I'd pick the Bliss shoes they are really cute and look great for everyday wear. I tweeted @lildent

Charity said...

The Gaby Sandal - too cute! Awesome looking shoes.