Friday, April 27, 2012

Pictures {5 for 5}

I have a terrible memory of small details (unless your my husband reading this and then? My memory is rock solid and yes I am sure YOU are the one that is mistaken). 

I can remember the big things, the life changing moments. I can remember when my kids reached certain big milestones, like walking, but details they're fuzzy. Everyday things, the are gone as soon as they happen, yesterday...I kind of remember, that’s going to take some work.

It’s one of the reasons I write, and its the main reason I take pictures. I’ve been working on a 365 project this year and I joined Project Develop as a way to help me get through it, as I failed last year. I was inspired by her photos from last year and her description “the gift of the ordinary day” 

It’s the ordinary I want pictures of.

The kids jumping on cushions.

Pizza Dinners.

Movie nights.


Making music.

Those small little bits of our life that may not seem like much now but hopefully will allow our children to see who we were someday. I’ve dabbled in family history and compiling pictures and stories of our family (hard to do with a family who doesn’t talk). What is amazing to me is that even though I always remember someone having a camera all the time, those ordinary moments are missing. All I have of my grandparents are posed pictures. Nothing that tells me who they really were, how they lived their life.

Our story is more then standing in front of a new car or house. Our story is more then a picture of us opening a gift or cutting a cake. Out story is told in specialness of everyday moments. Everyday things that may not ever be captured or remembered if it weren’t for my camera always being at hand.

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Jen said...

Oh, yes. The little moments. The ordinariness of it all. I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with Katrina Kenison on more than one occasion. Her writing, her stories are truth, quiet and real and worth revisiting again and again.