Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Put a new Spring in your Step

It's spring and my baby is a year old. That means that all of my clothes are either too big or too small and I got the itch to do some shopping. I've been doing some window shopping at over at Polyvore:
Choose Your Hotter Day 1

Choose Your Hotter Day 1 by pbinmyhair featuring suede handbags

Oh perfect for the beach or strolling the farmer's market!

You know I still need to find a dress for Listen to Your Mother, maybe a classic back with a pop of red?

Choose Your Hotter Day 2

Choose Your Hotter Day 2 by pbinmyhair featuring chunky jewelry

You know what these outfits are missing? SHOES! Shoes are my favorite thing to shop for because they always fit! Hyacynth and have teamed up once again with Hotter's to bring you some of the hottest new shoes for spring. How can you win? It's so Easy!

Pick shoes to go with my outfits, go to the Hotter Facebook page and tell them which ones you would wear! You can also win a pair by entering the Rafflecopter at Undercover Mother (don't be scared, just click the buttons!)

Today's outfit is my favorite and I think the one I am actually going to treat myself too:

Choose Your Hotter Day 3

Although, tomorrow's is super cute too...

Choose your Hotter Day 4

Oh the decisions!

So head over to the Hotter Facebook page now and enter, it ends tomorrow! If you don't win, no worries next week I am giving away a pair too in a super fun super easy contest!

Celebrate spring with Happy Feet!

For the detail oriented:
Runs April 2 through April 5. Two winners will be chosen at random by Undercover Mother to receive a pair of shoes after matching a pair of Hotter Shoes with this outfit at the Hotter Facebook page. One will be chosen from the pool of participants at Undercover Mother and one will be chosen from the participants at the Hotter Facebook page See Undercover Mother   for full contest details and multiple chances to win!

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Hyacynth said...

You have such good taste. Thanks for creating these outfits!