Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spelling Lessons {Bigger picture Moments}

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I’m prety smart. I’m well educated and did very well in school. Only, I really could of done better. 

My husband is very smart, he did okay in school. He could have done much better and he is a great self learner. 

Like most parents we want better for our kids. I want them to be smart and work to their potential.

When my son started school this year (first grade) I was a little nervous. There was going to be homework and tests. I wasn't concerned that his performance this year would set him up for a life of failure, or that he would never get in college or get a job. I was worried about parenting him and how to set him in the right direction for successful schooling for years to come. 

See while smart I don’t know how to study and I am a procrastinator (says the blogger who is posting this hours late). I want to teach my son to be better then this so when he is a writing his senior ethics paper in college he won’t be up all night paying news sites for access to archives. 

As we approach the end of the school year I just want to say. 

I got this

I may not be a great student, but I am raising one. I am a terrible speller. Like to the point that many times spell check doesn't know what I’m trying to say. My son? He is an A+ speller. We have worked on it together and fallen into a great routine. Wednesday morning’s are one of my favorite drives to school as we go over words and help him learn and remember them. 

It’s not that I like all of a sudden like spelling or am good at it. It’s that as a parent there is a lot of actions where you don’t get a reward or feedback. You don’t know how your kids will turn out. You don’t know if you are raising them right or ruining them. We spend a lot of time in our head agonizing over everything we do for the baby and we will never truly know the results. 

With spelling, I get results. I can see within a few days that our method, the things we are doing are working. For the first time, in a long time, I don’t feel like I am failing as a parent. I can see with those red marks every week that as a teacher, we are doing great. 

Sometimes its just that little bit of confidence that you need to remind you that you got this in other areas too, even if you can’t see them .


Simply realizing I got this, that's my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What's Yours

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Ginny Marie said...

My oldest is in first grade, too, and I'm trying to teach her some of the same lessons...especially the procrastination one! We have a sea turtle project to hand in soon, and she's made some great progress on it. :)

May said...

I always hoped all that spelling practice would somehow improve my own skills! In the end I decided I would just be happy for the kids when they did well.