Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fly Away {Just Write}

The butterflies are circling all around the tree. They are like tiny little moons orbiting around their large purple planet. Stopping only at the most beautiful spots, flowers in bloom, wings wide open as they eat. Their world is a purple orb of beauty and aromatic smells.

In contrast I stand at my window watching their beauty surrounded by the debris of life. Toys, clothes, books orbit around me less in the patterned cycle of a moon and more like the chaotic moving mass of asteroids. My world appears to be anything but this beautiful purple orb of life I watch outside my window. For a minute I dream about flying away, like those beautiful insects. Fluttering all over the world only stopping to see the most beautiful and tasty things.

Then I hear it. The clop clop clop running of a toddler in new shoes. She pulls at my leg until I lean down to her height. Once their in the squat position that reminds me of my age and lack of fitness she wraps her chubby arms around my neck. She squeezes tight, like her life and mine depend on this hug, she kisses my cheek and runs back off. Clop. Clop. Clop.

I creakily stand up and look around at my smelly little  world and suddenly it seems as vibrant and beautiful as that purple orb out my window. The beauty of the world is all right here, I just needed a squeeze to restore my vision.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Perfect and well-timed post, thank you, my friend!

Michelle said...

It must be a detail day! Felt the same way today! Love the pudgy toddlers!