Monday, May 7, 2012

Story Wings

We came together back on that beautiful day in March in a crowded back room of an Italian restaurant. Together gathered around a table we were mostly strangers. As we sat together and learned about each other, we gave our words voices. Our stories started to come alive.

Over the last  eight weeks those voices have joined together to form a loud and joyous chorus being sung from the life our stories had become together. Joined and entwined into one magnificent being.  Last night those stories, our stories, sprouted wings and we set them free.

Our stories, our voices, became their stories. The audience laughed with us, cried with us, and we all left better.

Standing taller.

Loving genuinely.


We’ve grown from the shared experience of motherhood.

Katy from the Northwest Indiana Show (which you should totally buy tickets and go to) said. “I don’t have children, but motherhood is still a part of my life” … “ Motherhood is more than raising a child to adulthood. It’s being supportive and loving to those around you and choosing to sacrifice your own dreams in favor of helping someone else achieve theirs” Everyone, everywhere is touched by mothers in some way.

Last night on a stage in Chicago we reminded the world that mothers are not just the maker of meal, the cleaner of houses, and the wiper of butts.

We are the keepers of stories.

Our stories.

Your stories. 

The stories of life, love, loss and all the moments in between.

What’s your story?

Will you be brave and give it a voice and wings? We will all be better if you do.

A very special Thank you to Ann Imig and the National sponsors Blogher and Snapfish for making it possible to give mothers all over the country the stage that they need to share their stories. I am honored to have been a part of this most amazing experience. 

Thank you also to Melisa and Tracy for taking a chance on two crazy bloggers who wanted to preform together. You put together an amazing cast ladies and our lives will forever be touched and changed because of you. Thank you.

You can see more pictures of the journey from audition to stage at the Peanut Butter in my Hair Facebook page.


Melisa Wells said...

Thank you, Melissa. What you and Hyacynth brought to the show was so totally unique and fantastic, I smile just thinking about the two of you.

I have also especially enjoyed your photographic journey. You got some great shots!!!

Thanks for being a member of LTYM Chicago 2012!! xo

Julie said...

You look awesome in that pic! So glad you had an amazing experience!!

Unknown said...

Everyone should have a friendship like you and Hyacynth have. Oh wait, I do, she sat next to me and we both laughed and cried last night at the amazing performance. Thanks for sharing your story, you rock!

anymommy said...

LOVE!!!! said...

You and Hyacynth were awesome, Melissa. Thank you!

Ginny Marie said...

Wow! Wish I could've been there...what a great experience! :)

Ann Imig said...

Stunning. Again!! Thank you Melissa--for participating with so much heart.


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Wow!! What an absolutely amazing experience this must have been - I would have been there front and center if Chicago wasn't so dang far away!!!

You look absolutely lovely by the way!!!

Unknown said...

Oh you put that so lovely! Thank you!