Friday, June 8, 2012

As Seen from an Ordinary Week

Blatantly stealing the idea from my friend Jade, journaling our summer adventures. 

Vacation is over, we're {mostly} unpacked and over the illness that sent us home early. It's just an ordinary week of summer vacation. I used to dread summer vacation. Having everyone home, the needs, the was too much for my anxiety.

I wanted this summer to be different, more relaxed and fun. I want to be a YES mom that says YES to everything, it's just not natural. I'm type A and my kids thrive on routine. So with a little pre-planning we have managed to establish a lovely rhythm to our days and we are all having a great time {so far}

This week we:

Bounced on a Pirate Ship

Dipped our toes in the cool waters of summer

Used glittery puzzles to chase away the sick blues.

We rode our bikes for errands and fun. 

We stretched our minds, our hearts, and our expectations.

How do you do summer break? Calm and free, scheduled and routine? Is it stressful or relaxing?

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