Thursday, June 7, 2012

Landing Pad for Dreams {Bigger Picture Moment}

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This was my words of wisdom a few weeks ago. I love it because it's so true. How often do I have an idea right before falling asleep and cannot recall it in the morning?

I am an idea person. I feel like my brain never stop thinking of things to do. Today I thought of:
- a social media event I would like to host
- what the revisons will look like for a project I just completed for NEXT years versions
- a short story
- no fewwer then 5 house projects
- at least 6 blog posts

The problem is that ideas need not just to be given flight but to also have a landing pad. Somewhere to land, develop and flourish.

Hyacynth is my landing pad for ideas. We frequently have brain dump sessions where we just spill long lists of ideas and thoughts. Sometimes those ideas are given firm footing and the plans are put in motion.

One of those recent plans was that I wanted to devlop a downloadable e-book for my local site.  I wanted to make a Green Resource Guide for people looking for businesses and services to help them lead a greener life. See when I am looking for something green I can just ask Hy, but not veryone has a Hyacynth in their life (but they should).

Friends after a few months of long hard work and stepping out of our comfort zone, we did it!

We released a donwloadable guide to be a resource to helping those around us live a greener life. An idea was giving both wings and a landing strip and was turned into a reality.

Do you have ideas, thoughts, dreams? If you don’t have someone to be your landing strip, find one, it’s so rewarding.

(on a slightly related note, if one of your ideas is to write more, write a book, a story, or anytihing really be sure to check out the Bigger Picture Blogs Writing Circles! They are an amazing place of encourgement for writers. Our next one is Fiction on June 15, you can sign up here )


Simply giving ideas a place to land, that's my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What's Yours

Harness the moment. Write it down, share a picture, a poem or prose. However YOU need to process and remember the moment. All moments big and small.

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Try to visit the other participants and encourage each other in this journey we call life.


Hyacynth said...

Thanking God for friends like you this morning ... landing pad and air traffic control and co-pilot! You are such a blessing to me!

Stephanie said...

"The problem is that ideas need not just to be given flight but to also have a landing pad. Somewhere to land, develop and flourish." - So true. I often have multiple ideas floating through my mind but rarely the time or energy to give them wings to soar. This was a challenge I needed today. And I'm seriously considering joining a Writing Circle...just not sure how it would work with time frame and bedtimes here.

Emily said...

So cool! Congratulations!

Jen said...

I'm here! And, oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Ideas ideas ideas. And never time enough (or time when I get the idea!) to pursue them to the end. But I'm grateful, too. I'd rather have too many ideas than too few. :)

May said...

Watching your friendship from afar I can see what a healthy and supportive relationship it is. You guys really bring out the best in each other. What a gift!

Alita said...

I can't wait to meet you face to face. You are exciting and exhilarating and I adore your energy!


Adrienne said...

Your enthusiasm for all that you do is very infectious! I love the way you speak of your friendship and collaboration with Hyacinth - we need people around who "complete" us in a variety of ways...and I love how you shared about all of this!

Lenae said...

The Green Guide is SO FLIPPIN' AWESOME. Not that I expect anything less from you and Hy :D

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure that's such a useful and valuable resource! If I lived in the area, I'd totally refer to it regularly. :) said...

My husband and my sisters are my landing pads. It's good to have them. :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

So awesome! Good job! And I love observing you & Hyacynth and your connection together!


Frosted Fingers said...

Congrats! That's awesome!!

ConnieFoggles said...

I love seeing the product of hard work, creativity and passion for a cause completed. Congrats!

Brandie said...

Congrats on your ebook! So exciting. You and Hyacynth are blessed to have each other. I love that you can be each other's landing pad (and so much more!)

candy @ Mommypalooza said...

oh I love this idea! and congrats on your accomplishment!

candy @ Mommypalooza