Thursday, June 28, 2012

When You Were Young {Bigger Picture Blogs 2nd Birthday!}

Every Thursday for two years now, we’ve come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the bigger picture through simple moments.
In this coming together, the women who make up this beautiful community have not only shared life but have also encourage each other in the journey of intentional living as well as our journeys to become more engaged, intentional artists and writers.
But we didn’t want to just have cake and part ways. We wanted to take our creativity and community to another level, so paired together community members who wanted a challenge, asking one to take the task of the visual artist and one to use her words and work together to bring a word prompt to life.
And today we come together to share and listen to the playlist our community has created inspired by an actual playlist. {If you’d like to participate solo the prompt is For Me This is Heaven by Jimmy Eat World. Ready? Set? Go!}
Link your Bigger Picture Moment at Undercover Mother and be sure to visit at least one creative collaboration {both contributors!} and encourage both people in their endeavor. 
And since no birthday party would be complete without gifts, one creative collaboration duo will just have to make space on their bookshelves for the beautiful Creativity Packages graciously donated by Compendium Live Inspired and a copy of A Writer’s Book of Days (donated by New World Library).
We’ll randomly draw a winning duo Monday, July 2 from those that link up at Undercover Mother.
{I was working on solo on this since we had an uneven number, my prompt was We You Were Young by The Killers}

When you were young reality was the wonderland of your imagination. 
People were bigger, standing over us like giants.
The future was a sidewalk stretched out for miles winding and colorful, it having an end not a possibility. 
Things are never as they seem in the faded memories of our youth. 
The eye captured photos in our mind losing their luster. 
We realize that people are not giants and sidewalks have ends. 
We wallow in our disappointment that reality is not as deep and colorful as our imagination .
We wish away the present closing our eyes to it and imganinng the wonderland that we thought it would be. 
If we just opened our eyes and looked below the surface we might find that the it is a wonderland, we just don’t recognize it because we’re too busy wallowing. 
Complaining that it doesn’t look like we imagined. 
Except it does. 
It is the wonderland of our dreams, maybe more then we will ever know. 
Especially if we keep walloing behind the closed eye of disappointment


Hyacynth said...

This takes me to places I need to go ... where is my mind residing ... and is it resting in the the reality or in the what I think reality should look like. Great piece ... love where you went with this one.

This Heavenly Life said...

Melissa, I ADORE this piece. Today, especially. I've been telling myself things along this line (though not as poignantly!) for days now -- be here. See here. THIS is magic.

Love this, and love you.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Oh man. I love this piece. I love this line: "We realize that people are not giants and sidewalks have ends." It hit me in the gut, and it's so true about how we view things when we're children and don't even realize how good we had it. Love your words.

Corinne Cunningham said...

I love the pairing of your photo and words. Really. And I love that song, so to have it playing in my head as I read your words is perfection.

Unknown said...

yes yes yes! "wallowing in the closed eyes . . . of disappointment" perfect! very smart ;) attitude is everything - perspective!!!

Michelle said...

Oh that is so beautiful. I love it, and I need the reminder sometimes. Love that photo!

Lisa said...


Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Happy 2nd!!


Annie said...

What a beautiful poem!! "The wonderland of your dreams" that is where I live. All the time. Sometimes I dream nonsense dreams and then I struggle to make them breathe in reality. Love it.