Friday, July 20, 2012

Dress Like a Girl Friday

It's Friday! Phew, we made it another week and wow has his week been exhausting. As much as you {me} want to stay in our PJs or yoga pants today let's find a reason to be girlie! Any small counts:

{#PBGirlie shots from Instagram last week}

See it's not about being fancy, the shot on the end was on the way to the gym. It's just about taking a minute to add some cute. 

Let's take a walk in my virtual closet for some Girlie Friday Inspiration:

I actually could pull this style off if I did laundry as I have a similar skirt
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I also have a wedge sandal, block not gold, that I love from the Dolce Vita collection Target had last summer. It would be a casual but girlie outfit for my afternoon of girl time with Brook and Hyacynth. Alas, Mount Washmore has not ye been tackled so I will have to get creative.

I hope you will join me today! It's easy!

  1. Dress girlie. It can be as simple as a necklace, or skirt, or doing your hair!
  2. Tweet or Instagram a shot with the hashtag #PBgirlie and tag me (@PBinmyHair) so I don't miss it!
  3. Enjoy Friday with a bit of a spring in your girlie step!
Go forth and be girlie!


Lisa said...

I am preparing to go to dinner at my in-laws' house as we speak (or as I write). Although showing up in sweat pants sans makeup would be acceptable (and probably expected given my recent track record), here I sit, blow dryer in hand, taming my curls and putting on lipstick. What a concept - when I look better, I feel better, regardless of my destination or the anticipated audience. Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I was with boys all week - 125 cub scouts on an archery range. I wore a giant flower clip in my hair that was alternating white and red with feathers sticking out of the center to mimic a target with an arrow in it - I had to girlie it up....that's just way too much boy for me!

Michelle said...

So cute! I love that skirt, and those shoes are perfect. I'm actually in the process of looking for a pair like that for myself right now. Want to come dress me now? :)

Stephanie said...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to teach my daughter the things it's taken me a lifetime to learn (and, truthfully, I'm still learning), because she is so much like me. Sometimes, when I get frustrated with her, I pause and realize she is JUST LIKE ME. So as I look at myself in the mirror and allow God to examine and change me...I'm challenged to nurture and encourage her tender heart and teach her the things her little heart needs to know too. This is so well written - thank you for sharing!