Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Girls First Bike {#MomsonBikes}

Do you remember your first bike? I tried to get a picture of my actual first bike but my mom couldn’t find one. My memory is fading but I know it was a banana seat bike (it was the 80’s!) and while I have several bikes I’m remembering I’m pretty sure my very first was was a Strawberry Shortcake bike like this one:

Photo from Folk Bike Recyclery

Streamers on the handles, the sparkly red, the strawberry seat...mine didn’t have a basket. My sisters, I and the other kids in the neighborhood would race around the oval, have parades, and even play chicken in our courtyard. One year I remember creating a water park with sprinklers. Riding our bikes through the huge puddles they created, water spraying up on all sides as high as the seat. It was carefree summer fun.

I’m seeing my biking journey come full circle as this year my five year old daughter got her first bike for her birthday. It was also the first one that was all hers, no need to share. She had been riding her brother’s tricycle but this So Sweet Bike was hers and only hers:


She was so excited she took off right down the driveway


It has been so fun watching her with her bike. She calls it her cherry bike and you can tell she feels like one of the “big” ids know as she rides around the block. We’re still working on getting the training wheels off but that hasn’t slowed her down and we have already taken it on her first adventure, to get ice cream!

I hope her first bike will leave her with the many happy memories that mine did.

What was your first bike? Tell me about it, even better, if you have a picture share it on my Facebook page!

Want to see more pictures of PBgirl's first bike? Head over to the Huffy Facebook Page where I posted some more!


The sticky: I am a Huffy Mom's on Bikes Ambassador. I  have been compensated for my time in producing posts on biking for the 2012. My family also received bikes and safety equipment. As always all opinions and views expressed are my own.  


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