Friday, July 27, 2012

It's the Little Things { Dress Like a Girl Friday }

Are you as exhausted as me this week? Man what I wouldn't do for some sweats and a chick flick right now. I think when you're exhausted and blah that's when it's most important to  go that little step further to make yourself feel good.

The easiest, fastest, and usually cheapest way to do that is with accessories.

I hear that accessories can be intimidating, they shouldn't be. If it's not working you take it off. Unlike a dress that tuns out to ride up when you walk, a necklace or earrings can be removed and tossed in your purse if it's too much or gets in the way.

One of our adventures last weekend was a trip to the mall. Shopping is always better with girlfriends and we helped teach Brook about the art of accessories:


Really it's just about letting go on inhibitions and doing something different or fun. Feathers are so in right now and while I am too old (and have curly hair) to add them to my hair or clothes, I did reach out of my normal zone and put them in my ears:

I can't (and won't) rock this look everyday, it works and it was fun. Sometimes that's all you need, a little bit of fun!

So go forth today and be girlie with your accessories! Tweet or Instagram me a pic with the tag #PBgirlie (I'm @PBinmyHair ) on both. I picked up some great swag from Park Lane Jewelry at BBSUMMIT12 last weekend and I am going to send some to someone who tweets me today!

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