Monday, July 9, 2012

Re-finding Me {The Dailey Method}


I have grown to love and accept the body that I am now in, but I want to feel like me again. What I mean is that while I am comfortable in my skin and I know I am never going to have the body of the 18 year old that sppent hours on the soccer field, I do want to firm things up. I want to feel good and I want my clothes to fit (without buying new ones).

It’s also about mental health, I need to exercise to feel good. Not just physically but mentally. I need that time away to do something that is just for me. Over the last year I haven’t been exercising consisently and I wanted to change that.

The reality is that I have three kids now and if I want to exercise I have to make the time for it, no one else is going to do it for me. Also, I’m not getting younger. My body does not react the same way to exercise and diet changes like it once did. I can’t just dive in full force and see changes in an instant. Slow and steady (two pregancies and an abdominal surgery) got me here and slow and steady is going to get me back.


I was given an opportunity to spend a month trying out The Dailey Method and I was both intriqued and skeptical. I knew that if I wanted to run again (which I do) I had to tone up and build up my core, as my weak core caused my previous injury. I was skeptical though that this was going to turn out to be one of those trendy exercise programs that’s more style than substance.

I haven’t taken a group exercise class since I was young and svelte. To say I was intemedated walking in late to a class filled with great loooking fit women in perfectly corrdinating Lulumon outfits was an understantement. Less then 5 minutes into the first class I fell out of a pose and thought “what the heck am I doin here”. 40 minutes later at the end of the class I was sold, addicted, and couldn’t wait to go back. Seriously.

This is one of the instructors she kicks my butt twice a week in Lake Forest

The Dailey Method comibines pilates andd barre (dance) work with some elements of yoga and works by exhausting one set of muscles by working all the angles and heads of the muscles and than lengthing them through stretching. It’s intense, but so rewarding. The focus on core and alingement and not how low into a stretch ou can go or how many reps you do is helpful to an (out of shape) new comer and it takes the practice beyond the gym.

After just three classes I was seing a diffeence in my body, yes THREE classes, and they weren't in a row (I typically go Tues.-Thurs.-Sat.). Now it wasn’t drastic, I don’t look like Gwentyh Paltrow. But my muffin top is shrinking and I stand taller. As a former gymnast I always heard the line about being a puppet with a string coming out of the top of your head, holding your head up to stand straight. Good posture is more then head up shoulders back, it’s shoulders down hips tilted abs in, it’s about really becoming aware of your body.

After just two weeks of classes I wore a skirt that previously gave me a huge muffn top, I still have a belly but I had the cofidence to tuck the top in and feel good.


There is a curve appearing in my arm again

and my shulders look great

Hanging from the Stall Bar at The Dailey Method Lake Forest

I still have a long way to go, but it’s an amazing start. I am totallly and completly addicted to the method. If it was closer to my house I would go every single day. I have a few more lessons left in my trial and I can’t wait to show you guys the after prodduct.

If you have been looking for a gym to kick start your fitness and get you back to the you that you know is there. I cannot recomend The Dailey Method enough.

The Dailey Method has studios in eight states, Canada and Europe, find a Dailey Method location near you. This post is part of a blogger outreach campaign. I was given a 1 month unlimited membership to try out the method and share my results with you in three posts. All words and opinions are my own. 


Unknown said...

Yeah! Good job friend. I wish I could go with you guys...these classes sound AWESOME!!!

Melisa Wells said...

Yay! Love it.
I am totally addicted. But you knew that. :)

If I could just complete all of the parallels without dropping. Gah!

Robin said...

I wish I had one closer to me, I would do it for sure! You look fabulous, and I am happy you are feeling good and like "you" again. :-)