Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Brain Drain

Crazed mother letting toddler play in the bathroom
Summer brain drain is not just for kids, it can affect adults to, especially parents. This is a serious condition that should be treated immediately, just look at the following scenario:

Summer Vacation Week 1:

This is so great! I love having all my kids home all day long! We'll do crafts, go on outings, bond and have fun.

Summer Vacation Week 4:
That's it!

No, more, fighting!I don't care who was looking at who, enough with the bickering. Go outside and play, mommy's looking at Pinterest.

>>>  5 minutes later <<<<

Too hot?
Your hungry? I just fed you!
I don't care whose looking at who! Yes! Yes! You can go watch TV, just stop yelling.

Summer Vacation week 6, day 10 of temperatures at or near 100.

Mommy, can I have cookies for breakfast?

Sure, sure whatever (fanning myself) are you sure this air is on? It's so hot in here, I think I'm melting. What are you doing? Who told you could have cookies for breakfast.

Kid drops cookies, stares at mom moth opened completely confused.

Summer Brain Drain is real and it doesn't affect just kids and loosing their school skills! Please take this warning to heart and if you start to exhibit any of these symptoms seek help immediately. Help can be a glass wine or bowl of ice cream. Severe cases may require a night or weekend away from children in hopes of recovering. Drought like conditions and extreme heat can intensify symptoms and individuals should seek the comfort in grandmas air conditioned house.

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