Monday, July 30, 2012

The End Result: A Waist {The Dailey Method}


* This is my final post on behalf of the Daily Method. I was gifted a one month unlimited membership to try out The Dailey Method and share my results with you. All thoughts, opinions and results are all my own.

Back in May I was in a little show called Listen to Your Mother. While I was thrilled to be in the show, it wasn’t the happiest weekend of my life and finding a dress to wear was hard. This is what I looked like back in May:


For the last month I have been doing The Dailey Method (at the Lake Forest location). I visited at least three times a week, and as I mentioned in my previous post I fell in love. It was an intense workout but I felt like it was really making changes that I could see  in my body and it was fun to do. The beautiful and relaxing studio helped as well! (you can get an inside look at the studio at Little Lake County)

Here is that same dress after a month of The Dailey Method:


I was able to take the belt in one hole, back in May I could barely fit it in the last hole and that was with spanx on! Now no spanx and almost an inch off my waist! ONE (1!) inch off my waist, I actually have a waist again, I'm not square. Also, my seat is awesome, firm, and lifted.

Now lean in closely because I’m going to whisper this (and if you’re a family member skip this paragraph). One of the best side effects of the The Dailey Method happens in the Bedroom, ahem, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean? Are you going to make me type it out? {seriously blushing} The focus of the exercises on the hips, inner thighs and deep abdominal muscles...well it really revs up your s.e.x life, something that made up for the long commute to the club for my husband!

I have really fallen in love with The Dailey Method. I obviously have a long way to go before reaching my final goal. I don’t think I will get there with The Dailey Method alone, I know my body and I think I need to add a more intense cardio workout to really start dropping pounds, but The Dailey Method will continue to be part of my routine.

If you are looking for a new routine to help you tone up and tighten up your body I recommend finding a Dailey Method near you. You can get the first month of unlimited classes for only $100 and it will be the best $100 you have spent on yourself in a long time.


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That is FABULOUS Melissa! I so wish it had been closer for me, but I am thrilled that you guys are all benefiting from it.