Friday, August 17, 2012

Dress Like a Girl Friday: Fall Dreaming

It's Friday! Phew, we made it another week and wow has his week been exhausting. As much as you {me} want to stay in our PJs or yoga pants today let's find a reason to be girlie! Any small effort counts.

It's the last day before school starts and I swear I am not dancing a jig and kicking up my heels (I totally am!). I love back to school, even before I was an exhausted mom, I'm such a nerd. So to celebrate my kids going back to school I picked up a boyfriend sweater I have been eyeing at Target, I'm calling today's look nerdy chic:

Boyfriend SweaterNerdChic

I'm telling you, if I can add a little girlie (see I even have on a necklace!) when I don't have to be anywhere and my only goal for the day is to clean the can too! Yes it would be easier to stay in  my PJ's all day, but getting  dressed makes me feel like I can be {slightly} more productive today!

Now let's take a moment and fantasize about the leaves changing colors and brisk wind sticking around because man do I love fall!
I would totally rock school drop off in this, although honestly I would wear Chucks with it...

I've never really tried the belt over the sweater but this makes me want to try it:

Oh and boots! I love me some boots! Is it too soon to pull mine out?
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

How will you add just a bit of girlie to your look today? Don't forget to IG or Tweet me ( @PBinmyHair ) with the tag #PBgirlie.

Happy {Girlie} Friday!

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