Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keeping Marriage Fun {Bigger Picture Moments}

Remember how much fun dating your spouse was You know after you knew he was “the one” and there wasn't pressure to be perfect anymore. When you could just be yourself and be silly and you just had fun.

Becoming parents can be really hard on a marriage. Life can easily get busy and get in the way of taking the time you need to nourish your relationship and just plain have fun. With the older kids in school full day now our evenings go something like this:

- walk in the door in an explosion of stuff all over the dinning room
- noise, noise, LOUD noise as everyone clamors for something, tells something asks for something
- mad rush to get dinner on the table and straighten up above dinning room explosion
- "oh, hi honey your here to?", quick peck
- dinner - inhaled in between requests for milk, a knife, more, less, complaints, dropped utensils, please stop talking
- baths, reading, cuddling, bed
- bed again
- bed again
- Hi honey how was your day?
- collapse into bed

We haven’t even started activities yet, those start next week. So yeah, sometimes it can feel like my husband is just a co-worker who I pass through the hallway repeatedly without ever getting to say more than a word as we pass by.

Enter Phil:


Phil is our marriage rescuer. He’s cheaper than a marriage counselor (in this case free) and he’s a little bit of fun and silly and a way to communicate with each other when we’re not physically able to sit down and talk.


Phil is a Squinky (is it still Squinkies, even if there is only one)? They are this uber-popular toy that is you have a little girl between 5-7 you probably have them underfoot. Or if you’re my daughter you have none because you have the meanest mommy in the world. See we have a toddler who at 18 months still puts everything in her mouth. In the last week I have fished out rocks, dirt, old food, toys, toys, barbies shoes, and more rocks. The last thing I need is a super small toy.

So when Phil came home in a bag of hand me downs from a friend I gave it to my husband and said “make this disappear”. I found him the next morning on the windowsill, he was apparently too cute to throw away. The next day he was under my coffee mug. At this point I coulnd’t help but laugh and I had to get in on the game.


So know Phil ( short for Philbert) gets moved around daily for the other to find. It’s just a teeny tiny little bit of fun in a chaotic day that makes us stop, smile and think of the other one.


If you’re on Instagram you can follow his adventures with the hashtag #Philsquink

Simply keeping marriage fun, that's my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What's Yours

Harness the moment. Write it down, share a picture, a poem or prose. However YOU need to process and remember the moment. All moments big and small.

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Shell said...

That is such a fun idea!

Unknown said...

I love following your Phil tweets. I'm looking forward to see where Phil will end up next. We're going to have to adopt one soon.

Lisa said...

So cute. We have a two-year-old and a baby on the way. We're already exhausted and trying to figure out when we will find time together after baby #2 comes. We totally need a Phil!

Hpymom_2_sxydre said...

This is a really cute idea. It had me looking around the room trying to find something similar

Corinne Cunningham said...

I love it :) It is so important to keep marriage fun, and include light moments in the heavy!

Tammy Perlmutter said...

This is funny! I like your idea!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Hehehe - Toby and I had something similar for awhile, except it was a toy gecko that looks amazingly like a real gecko (because we do have REAL geckos in the house that pop out at odd times and startle us). Toby startled me one day with the gecko and then it was on. Until we left it on the kitchen windowsill and it melted in the Thai heat, anyway. Fun while it lasted though! :)

This Heavenly Life said...

I love, love this, Mel! Truth is, we only have one squinkie, too, and if I were forced to find it right now, JUST to play a similar game with Justin, I might be up all night, searching. WHY ARE THEY SO TINY?!?

But next time I see that bad boy, it's GAME ON.


Melisa Wells said...

This is a really cute idea! Way to go for finding something that keeps the two of you connected during such a busy time of your lives!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Cutest marriage rescuer EVER!

Unknown said...

Cute idea! But I must admit I was a bit worried about where you were going with those batteries LOL

Hyacynth said...

This? Is one of the reasons I love you guys! First, that it's hilarious. And second that you two love each other so much!