Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amazing Grace {Just Write}

Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see

I sing that to her every night, it’s her special bedtime song. It’s more than a song it is her.

She is lovable. All toddlers to an extended are lovable, when they learn to kiss and hug it’s heart melting adorable, she takes it to another level I have never seen. From very young she would squeeze back, through her arms around your neck and squeeze. She always cried when she heard others crying, now she goes up and pats them gently. When she hugs now, she gently pats your back as if to say “there there it will be okay”. She exudes love.

She has taught me the definition of grace.

She has saved me from the demons that lie within my head.

She has taught me to see.

I look at her big eyes shinning up and the cheeky grin with just enough dimple and my heart wells. She is love and with every moment, every interaction she brings more love to a world that sorely needs it.

What I remember most about this Tuesday 11 years ago today is the love and compassion that everyone shared. It wasn’t reserved for the toddlers, or the perpetually happy. Everyone walking down the street held themselves different. The held door for each other, nodded in understanding, and put others first. Under the silent skies we became a nation of love and grace that stood as one.

As I look around today in the midst of strikes and elections and a society that seems to be intent on putting the ME before the WE I see a toddler that exudes love and remember a time when we all did.


Adrienne said...

Lovely. Perfect for today. {my piece for BPB writing circle last night was about something my boy gives me! Amazing, right!!?}

Jennifer said...

That is the song I sang to my babies too.