Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Creativity in Chaos: The Definition of a Creative Mother

If you’re a mother, you are by nature a creator. Don’t shake your head, you are. You created people didn’t you? (Okay your husband may have had a little tiny bit in that). Look around you, you are a creator:

You create meals.
You create fun.
You create a home.
You create security.
You create comfort.
You create memories.

Some days my creativity takes the form of snack
Mothers are creators. We seek to create for our families and sometimes the inner desire to create gets pushed aside. My desire and need to write was born with my children but I have always been creative. I truly believe that everyone has creativity inside them, they just need to find the method that suits them most to express it.

I understand that in the thick of mothering that can be hard. But read this:

Whole Living, December 2012, The Case for Chaos
Chaos is where we find the raw material of creativity says, Jon Briggs, a professor of writing at Western Connecticut state University in Danbury and co-author of “Seven Life Lessons of Chaos”, which explores how the scientific discipline of chaos theory can enrich your daily lives. “the truth is that the universe was designed to be disorderly” he says. The “chaos” in chaos theory doesn’t describe disarray but unpredictability, of complex items that have “suble and often beautiful patterns” lurking within. “The order s all around us in nature- the clouds the  mountains the planetary climate.”

...is like human inspiration: a series of flutters and confusions that precede an organizing insight. “Creators often go through an ‘imersion” phase when everything they see or hear might be relevant,” Briggs says “one idea feeds onto another, and a network of feedback forms. They emerge from the confusion with a new idea or answer:” The mark of a creative person, according to Briggs is a willingness to accept ambivalence- hat liminal stage between problem and solution- as a place of both discomfort and possibility.

I can’t think of anything more chaotic then motherhood. Predictably unpredictable. Mind numbingly the same and irritatingly different every single day. I think I have been drawn to words and photography as my creative outlet for now because I can punch them out quickly. Take an hour when someone naps and fulfill my need to create and have a finished product. Sewing and crafts don’t work like that for me anymore since I can rarely finish anything I have started.

Sometimes creativity shows in helping my kids create.
However finding that groove, accepting that name of writer did not come easy. It was a scary process that left me vulnerable. Having a supportive community has made that transition easier.


That community is going to host it’s first live event this weekend and I hope you will consider pushing yourself outside of your everyday and join us. It’s a day long (affordable!) retreat in Lake County, IL  at the most adorable Cafe Book. We will write, create and connect. The best part you can sign up for just part of it! Want to write with us, just come in the morning. Want to try your hand at Visual Prayer and creative arts come in the afternoon. Even if you don’t have a blog, have written in nothing but a journal or haven’t done art since high school art class you will be welcomed with open arms and you will leave filled and inspired.

I really hope some of you can make it, it’s going to be an amazing day.

You can get full details on the Creative Soul retreat at Eventbrite.

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