Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making Sense {Just Write}


I started writing this last night, in my head as I fell asleep. 

It was better last night.

That’s the story of me lately, not as good as I was before. Falling asleep before completing something. Life is busy, as I am sure you know. It’s a matter of choices. Small choices everyday on what to do and where to focus limited energy. 

There is so much I want to do, so much I want to say, but the stories are no t my own. I can only share with you my story and my truth. Sometimes that means I have to stay silent because our stories are intertwined, it’s my truth and I play a part but it’s not my story.

So I zip my lip I stare at the screen and I choose sleep, or laundry or family. It’s the worst kind of writers block where you have the words but you can’t quite say them out loud. 

I go through the motions of this busy everyday. I bend and sway like a tree in the wind knowing that I have deep roots so I will return upright, eventually. For now I lean into the wind and I feel it whip my face and push me over and marvel at the roots that keep me from toppling. 


Hyacynth said...

This is beautiful.

Adrienne said...

This IS really beautiful. It's so important to capture the un-finished. The inner stuff that's IN process. I need writing like this to inspire me to express the jumbled...as I am, by nature, so very edited and grammatically correct...on every level! THANKS for this and the community you invest to much in that is such an inspiration to me!

Jen said...

lovely...I get this this.