Friday, September 21, 2012

#PBGirlie - Dirty Hair Style


Confession: I don't wash my hair everyday anymore. Partially because I have curly hair and it's better for my hair, and partially because well I have 3 kids and things are sometimes chaotic. Sometimes it goes longer than I care to admit but thanks to Pinterest and the fact that braids are in fashion I an look put together even when I'm not "put together". 

Double braid, sock bun,post sock bun side pony

I generally use the double braid the most because really it looks better, especially under a great fall hat. The sock bun was practically a staple this summer because it was so hot. Now I will be honest that my dry curls make it a bit easier for me work with dirty hair.  

PBGirlie Challenge:

In the next week opt for something different then the messy bun/ponytail. Tweet/Instagram/Facebook me (@PBinmyHair) a picture tagged #PBGirlie. I'll feature you and your blog next week!


Low Twisty Bun from Blue Ribbon Studio

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Twisted pony from Dear Emmie

I have actually done this braided knot and it's so easy, and a great messy hairstyle.

What's your go to messy style? Ball cap? Pony? Bun?

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